Top 5 Makeup tips for your wedding day


Start a skin care regime. Sounds like a no brainer, but begin as soon as you can. Find products that suit your skin, maybe even go and try some at your local beautician or organic food store before you buy them. I love the natural products. If you go to your local organic store, they have some beautiful natural products to try that don’t have any harsh nasties in them to aggravate your skin. Drink 3 litres of water a day and also take a chlorophyll supplement.


Always have a trial and wear white or cream along so you can see how the makeup looks with the plain colour. Generally you will need a little extra colour in your cheeks than you would normally, so you don’t look washed out and wearing the white/cream really helps show this. Always work “WITH” your makeup artist, take pictures of makeup you like to the trial, but also be aware that your face and eye shape may be different to the ones in the pictures, so little adjustments and suggestions from your makeup artist is the key.


Keep your makeup classic and timeless, in other words, do not follow makeup trends. If you keep your makeup timeless and in colour scheme to your wedding, you won’t have any regrets in years to come looking back at your photos.


You always want to look like yourself. If you are not usually a makeup wearer, always keep your look natural and soft.  If you are a lady that loves eyeliner, brows and lippy, then definitely wear it all on the day as well. Your groom won’t recognise you if you steer too far away from your usual look.


Last and MOST importantly………ALWAYS……..ALWAYS…. have a touch up kit.  No matter how long lasting or waterproof your makeup is, your makeup will always wear. Especially on a day loaded with tears, hugs and kisses!! Your touch up kit should contain blotting papers an SPF free powder compact, concealer and of course lipstick or lip gloss to touch up your pout.

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